OWCP Compensation (CA-1/CA-2) Guide

SMIS (Safety Management Information System) is a web application that can be accessed by DOI Employees to complete a number of functions related to workplace injuries, illnesses, hazards and near-misses. Link

The SMIS Claim Process

  1. Employee requests a SMIS Claim ID which is emailed directly to them.

  2. Employee completes an Injury (CA-1) or Illness (CA-2) claim in SMIS.

  3. The employee's supervisor is contacted by email and given the SMIS Claim ID and directions for completing the claim in SMIS.

  4. Supervisor completes and verifies the required sections of the CA-1/2.

    NOTE: If the employee makes changes to their claim after their supervisor has completed their required fields, the supervisor will need to RE-CERTIFY that the details of the claim are still legitimate.

  5. DOI Compensation Coordinator is notified via email that a Claim has been submitted in their area of responsibility.

  6. DOI Compensation Coordinator completes the required fields for the claim, and marks the account to be sent to OWCP if applicable.

  7. Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) reviews the claim and the details provided in the CA-1/2; if approved, an OWCP CASE NUMBER is created within 48 business hours. SMIS notifies the Employee and DOI Compensation Coordinator with the OWCP CASE NUMBER by email.

In addition to the OWCP process, the supervisor must document an Accident Report regarding the details of the accident. This process is independent of the OWCP Case, but is required for all CA-1 / CA-2. Directions regarding this process are documented in the Accident Report Guide.