Welcome to SMIS

This is the Department of Interior's Safety Management Information System (SMIS).

To check the status of the SMIS system or if you have questions, contact the SMIS help desk at smishelp@ios.doi.gov or by calling the SMIS help line: (303) 236-3796.

SMIS is an automated system for reporting accidents which involve DOI employees, volunteers, contractors or visitors to DOI facilities. The application can only be used by authorized DOI Employees, Supervisors and Safety Managers. To report an accident, or file a claim for compensation, select "Accident Reporting & Compensation Claim" menu item.

Other components of SMIS include the following:

  • Reference Library contains reference materials for SMIS users.
  • DOI Safety Statistics contains bureau safety performance charts, tables and costs by fiscal year.

Select an appropriate action from the SMIS Main Menu.